Three Things to Look for in Your Next Career Adventure

Beginning a new career sparks, the most basic of human emotions: deep excitement and fear. When we leave the comfort of the known for all the uncertainties a new career brings, we reach that mixture of adrenaline sprinkled doubt. Do not give in to the fear–the adventure of finally following a career change path that speaks to you will result in far more significant benefits. Even upon the potential realization that this new career is not exactly what you hoped, the knowledge and skillset gain from the experience surpasses staying stagnant in an old career. When looking at potential new careers, look for a few of the following to guide you in this new adventure.

1- Find a career that will challenge you.

Of course, the apparent first tip should be to find a career about which you’re passionate. However–beyond that first initial draw to a position or career, as with most things in life, it is imperative that you also seek out something that will keep you engaged and help your professional development.

2- Find a company that shares your professional values.

As many of us quickly (usually week 1) found out at our first jobs, so much of what determines professional happiness stems from those surrounding us. If your co-workers or work culture contribute to a toxic or lackluster work environment, your creativity and productivity may not be at capacity. Seek out a company whose values align to your own, talk to people who have worked there in the past, and do a little research to ensure a good fit.

3- Find specific skills to gain

Branching out into a new career can feel, as stated in #1, challenging and exciting; however, if you do not hone in on specific skills you wish to gain, it can quickly spiral out of control. If you’re not selective in how you want to be challenged and what skill set you wish to improve, you may find yourself unhappy and struggling. While working towards new and challenging tasks, you also want to have specific goals in mind.

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