5 Signs That You Are Starting a Career Plateau Without Knowing

We all want to continue growing our careers and constantly expand to reach amazing results in the long term. But the truth is that at some point, most of us end up reaching a career plateau. This is an unfortunate situation, but the great thing is that you can see it coming and prepare beforehand. In this article we created a quick list with signs that you’re reaching a career plateau, so don’t hesitate and read onward!

1- You don’t have any passion for what you are doing

The truth is that people expand and boost their careers when they are passionate about what they do. After all, it doesn’t really feel like work in the first place. But the truth is that whenever you lose the passion, you’re getting very close to that unwanted career plateau. What you want to do here is to try and engage in new projects or access different types of work. That will help you regain confidence and also test your skills in a new way.

2- There are no (new) learning opportunities

Career growth is achieved when you continue learning and expanding your skills. If you stop learning or there’s nothing else to do, you are reaching a career plateau, and that can be a problem. Ideally, you want to try and find new learning opportunities online. There are many courses you can enroll into and stay up to date with your industry.

3- Your contributions don’t feel that important

You do reach a career plateau when your contributions at work don’t feel relevant anymore. Sure, tasks are getting done, but you don’t really feel like your skills and gifts are being used properly. When that happens, try to do creative tasks. Get involved in a new project and find ways to use your gifts and skills in an appropriate manner.

4- There’s no more room to grow at your current company

Sometimes a career plateau is forced upon employees because there’s no real room to grow. This happens more often than you would imagine. Ideally, you want to see if there’s actually room to boost your career or if this is the top. If it’s the latter, then you’re better off moving on.

5- Your personal life is very chaotic

It’s possible to end up with a very chaotic personal life due to working too much. That will eventually affect your productivity, and it’s certainly something you want to stay away from as much as you can. The best thing you can do is to reorganize your tasks and life as a whole. Be more focused on finding a balance between personal life and work, then you will find it easier to reach success.

What can you do when you reach a career plateau?

  • Reframe the situation and try to ask for assistance from friends and family.
  • Think about your future and where you want to bring your career in the long run.
  • Focus as much as you can on accumulating new skills and learning new stuff.
  • Move to another environment, try out new tasks and challenge yourself with enhancing your skills.


As you can see, the signs of a career plateau can appear early on, so they are rather easy to spot. We recommend you take your time and assess your career to see whether you can reach success with it or not. It’s very important to create an action plan and stick to it. As soon as you see any of the signs above, act upon them, and you will be incredibly happy with the results!

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