5 Tactics to Shine Quickly in Your New Career

Starting a new career can be challenging and stressful. It is a journey you might doubt as you step out of your comfort zone to start something new in life that will ultimately affect your future. Some challenges you may face when changing careers are lack of self-confidence, fear of uncertainty, and lack of direction. However, in the long run, switching careers will help you build new experiences, work in a new career that love based on your passions shift, and enjoy doing different things in life. But we lack that experience in the beginning. As s a professional who has done a few career transformations in the past from a pharmacist to a diplomat, to an investment banker, then currently to an entrepreneur, business coach, and a blogger, here are 5 tactics that I used in every new career, and you can use too, over the short-term to ensure you are achieving quick wins and taking confident steps toward a successful new career.

1. Get a Head Start on the Position

Although you may have already familiarized yourself with the position and company before interviewing, take an extra step and do more deep research before your first day. Find out everything you are able to about the company, its history, and where it is positioned in the industry. Be knowledgeable about how your role is established in your department and within the company entirely. Make a great first impression by arriving early without giving up any time. Be eager to begin each day.

2. Build Trust with Your Boss and Team

Collaboration is important in any company. It is important to form and establish a good relationship with your colleagues as it benefits your experience and role within the organization. If you make small gestures to engage in a friendly manner, your work relationships will be very successful. Introduce yourself to new people and learn about them.
There is a popular saying that goes, “people don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.” The boss plays the most important role in any company. It is important to take the initiative upon entering a new career to build a strong work relationship with your manager. Your manager is the person who can help set your success in the company which is very valuable for your career. You can build trust with your team and boss by showing your ability to work on different tasks in a timely manner and by being able to adapt to different missions in a short time.

3. Highlight Your Strengths and Market Them Within the Organization

You were hired for the position you are in because the hiring team saw something great in you. They noticed your strengths right off the bat and now it is time to play on those strengths and put them into action. Use every possible opportunity to market your strengths that are useful for the organization and that work well with your new career without sounding bragging. Let people around know what unique value you can add to the organization and what new perspective you can bring to your team.

4. Find Training Opportunities

Along with demonstrating your strengths, there will always be areas that you can improve in. Especially with a new career, there are always learning curves that come your way. Most companies, fortunately, offer training in a variety of ways to help build your skills. Such training options include tutorials, classes, or seminars. Take advantage of these training opportunities and build yourself up in your career.

5. Learn How to Talk the Language of that Domain

In each career or industry, there are jargons that are only used by those professionals who work there. If you do not talk these languages, no one will consider you as part of it. Make sure you learn that language very fast and train yourself to use these jargons in your daily talk inside the organization and with your clients. If you do this quickly and mindfully, you ensure a high possibility of success in your new career.


Beginning a new career can be very overwhelming for anyone. As an outsider to your new career, you should be determined to fit in and build yourself up in your new domain. Sometimes it may be hard to find ways in doing so. However, if you follow these tactics to shine quickly in your new career, you will be even closer to establishing a successful role in your new career.

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