7 Key Strategies You Must Master To Land Your Next Dream Executive Job

Are you looking for your next dream executive job? With all the transformation in technology and globalization, it’s exciting to have your professional vision. The truth is that most people are looking for work-life balance but only few can achieve it.

If you’re wondering how to land your dream job, the old saying is still valid: network! But there are other tactics that can help you get your ideal position.

1. Build Your Vision & Define Your Goals

Before you start looking for your dream executive job, you need to build your vision & establish your goals. One of the most common mistakes is not being able to define what you want. Building your vision will ensure getting red of the side-tracks, other distractions, empower you to make better, well-thought decisions and commit less mistakes along the journey. If you don’t know what you want, you will let others decided your destiny.

2. Build Up Your Confidence

When you’re looking for your ideal executive job, you can feel discouraged if you don’t hear something back. When you’re job seeking, rejection can diminish your confidence. But the key to getting to where you want to be is patience.

It’s essential to build confidence and a resilient mindset to enable yourself to pick the right opportunity for you. When you’re confident, you become inspired and very attractive to employers.

3. Identify Your Skills

The best way to successfully look for a job is to look at a position’s required skills. When you identify your skills it is easier to fit your career goals. You can match your skills and experience with the best job.

4. Remove The Mental Block

Even though it’s essential to look at the job requirements is crucial to understand they’re not set in stone. You need to remove that mental block to apply to a job that may be an excellent fit for you. Or even to create a job that doesn’t exist yet.

While some things may be non-negotiable, most things are flexible if you have the experience, skills, and willingness to do it. Don’t be scared by job titles.

The key is to focus on the qualities and skills you bring to the job. As an essential tactic that you should

5. Build Your Network and Make Your Research

If you want to land your dream job, you need to remember that every former colleague and co-worker is a connection that could get you closer to where you want to go. Networking is a magical road to the top. Building your network in your targeted career is very crucial to land your dream executive job.

Other great places to build your network is to attend seminars, talks, and conferences related to your ideal job field. Make connections everywhere you go and make sure to add them to your LinkedIn profile. My personal advice to spend time on LinkedIn and link to peers in your future targeted career and ask each of them one question, “Could you please share with me 5 tips to acquire the skills required to work in that career”.

Did you watch “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Do you remember the Ferrari scene, when Chris Gardner met with the stock broker and wanted to know how be a stock broker? He simply asked him what do to be in that industry and he got the simplest answer. “You gotta be good at numbers & god at people”

6. Build Your Personal Brand

In this social media era, job recruiters usually search your name to know more about you. If you Google your name, it shows your skills, experience, and expertise? If not, it’s time to polish your personal brand.

Make sure your personal brand showcases who you are. In your LinkedIn profile, focus on key industry skills, and don’t forget to quantify your accomplishments. Complete your profile and use a professional photo.

7. Narrow Your Options

Even though you might consider applying to every position, you see it’s wiser to narrow your options and only apply to those jobs that most fit your career goals. Verify, test and grow your passions. Marry them with your values and vision. The results will be magnificent in narrowing down your future career options into one or two. The next phase would be to do background research on the targeted industry and targeted companies to learn more about their values and working environment & develop the right strategy to target these companies. There is a step by step blueprint that help you to do all these steps. For more information, please visit Thepassionmba.com.

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