7 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Career Based On Your Passions


To excel, you must be driven. To lead a successful company, passion is essential. It is the drive behind success. Entrepreneurs build empires stemming from passion and CEO’s keep companies thriving, therefore desire to achieve is imperative. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, declared how “people with passion can change the world”. Jobs was an advocate for pursuing a career in a field you love. This was, as he expressed, the only way you could do monumental work in life. Here are seven reasons why choosing a job meaningful to you is vital when transitioning careers.

1.You Will Overcome Any Obstacle You Face

By following our passion in life, we tend to push ourselves to the top, while discovering alternative routes to get there. We may face several obstacles that prevent us from completing our work, but if we genuinely want something, we allow nothing to step in our way. Nothing in life is easy, but with focus and determination you will break through barriers, by overcoming situations, individuals and mindsets that block your path.

2.Passion Attracts Passion

Passion is contagious. When you are passionate about a product or a mission, you will attract a following who agrees and believes in the work that you do. Being authentically enthusiastic about what you do will captivate your audience, as listening to a person who loves their work influences others to take part and help them build that dream. This will inspire them to pursue their purpose in life. Believing in yourself and what you do is powerful, as this will give you confidence to thrive in your new career, and help others to find the courage to alter their own path. By following your ambitions you will make an impact in someone’s life, supplying them with the tools they need to make a change.

3.You Will Excel

Our passions make us who we are, they drive us to thrive. When we are excited about what we do, we excel. Employees and executives who love their work, can set a company apart from one filled with people who don’t enjoy what they do. Jim Whitehurst, President of IBM and former CEO of Red Hat, expresses in his book The Open Organization: Igniting Passion & Performance, how you can’t “manage” the human capabilities (crucial to success) that produce resilience and creativity. Although you can hire individuals who are obedient and capable… creativity, passion and drive are gifts that cannot be taught. Individuals who are enthusiastic about their work, actually earn more money and are promoted faster, taking on leadership roles. Someone who is driven will immense themselves in their work and won’t quit until they know everything about it, setting themselves and their work up for success.

4. You Invest in Yourself

Focusing on money will only take you so far. If you only work on something for income, then it won’t satisfy you for long. At a certain point, we find ourselves “stuck”, looking elsewhere. We will continue to look to feed our “need” for fulfilment. Investing in yourself will guarantee not only happiness, but it will generate more money, as your heart will always drive you the farthest.

5.Your Health and Relationships Won’t Suffer

Would you believe your career affects your health? Studies show how stress and unhappiness from a job you don’t enjoy is as detrimental to our bodies as smoking and obesity. Anxiety, depression and sleep disorders are linked to the stress caused by an unhappy professional life. Our mental health affects our physical health, which in turn can affect our personal lives. If we are unhappy at work, we bring that unhappiness home. In order for us to be our best selves, we have to do what we love. If we don’t, our relationships with others and our overall health can suffer.

6.You Will Fulfill Your Life

To successfully transition your career, you have to pursue a mission you are passionate about. If you neglect your inner desire for fulfillment, you will undeniably end up in the same position in the future, ready for another change. Enjoying your life includes being content with your work. Follow a path where going to work every morning isn’t dreadful, but something you look forward to.

7.You Will Find Your Life Purpose

Your journey is lifelong. Every person has a purpose waiting to be discovered, they just have to identify it. When you know your purpose in life, you know who you are, what you are doing and why you are doing it. When we merge our careers with our passion, we can ensure that we will reveal our life purpose. If you link your passions with your profession, you will not only live a successful life, but also a significant one.

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