Time To Move On

If you’ve ever thought it’s too late to change careers, you’re not alone. The truth is, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams—you just need to know when it’s time to move on.

Welcome to the future of working: career-shapeshifting. Career-shapeshifters pursue life on their own terms, based on their individual circumstances and passions. The world is perpetually changing, and those changes are opportunities if you know what to do. If you have ever felt stuck or lost because you think it’s too late to make a change, Time to Move On is the roadmap you need for your journey.

Just because you have spent years in one occupation doesn’t mean you can’t pursue something new, something completely different, something you are truly passionate about. Many of us assume that having expertise in a particular area is our ticket to success, but career-shapeshifters take a different approach. They see the world as a place filled with untold opportunities. They don’t make choices to just survive, but instead to thrive by being ready when change hits and opportunity strikes. Career-shapeshifters have developed the skills necessary to be able to adapt and reinvent themselves, again and again.

Many of us build our careers or lives on weak foundations that crumble or even collapse at some point. Some of us build our careers and lives on the wrong foundations, and we spend our lives constantly making repairs instead of moving forward. We experience career burnout and little motivation to make a change—we become apathetic. A weak or wrong foundation may not crumble completely, but it won’t support you as effectively as it should. The first step toward building the best foundation is to bust the career myths that are holding you back:

The 7 Career Myths
    • You need to be a “supreme specialist”
    • Change is too risky
    • It’s too late to find your dream career
    • You have bills to pay
    • Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses
    • Leaving your career is a “sunk cost”
    • You are already in your dream job

Mustafa Ammar, a career-shapeshifting pioneer, has enjoyed multiple careers: pharmacist, diplomat, investment banker, entrepreneur, career coach, author, and app developer (and he’s not done yet). He did it the hard way, without any blueprint to follow. In Time to Move On, Mustafa busts the career myths that are holding you back and provides the guidance you need to take charge of your destiny.

Have you ever been in a situation where most of the people around you question or even ridicule your dreams and your ability to achieve them? You aren’t alone. Most of us have been taught to treat these seven myths as rules for success when they are actually roadblocks that get our way. Mustafa shares what he has learned so you don’t need to waste your time or your life chasing myths. In Time to Move On, he’ll share his own story as well as the experiences of those he has helped navigate through their own career transitions.

With Mustafa as your guide, you will learn how to listen to your instincts, pursue your passions, and live your dreams instead of what others expect you to do. Time to Move On will help you build the wisdom, inspiration, and enlightenment you need to live life on your terms—instead of someone else’s.

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