Build your creative, invincible
and disruptive team

Harness the power of disruption and productivity 
Create Winning Teams with the 70/30 Formula
Combine Specialists and Generalists to Solve Complex Problems
Hire teams not individuals to boost your organization’s prductivity
Create an impactful environment through:
  • Leverage world class tactics and techniques to build your team and boost its performance
  • Building and reshaping your corporate culture and translating that into revenue
  • Harnessing the power of hiring career shapeshifters into your team and being an indispensable, creative, and disruptive team

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Mustafa Ammar

Career Shapeshifter Enabler

Mustafa Ammar is the founder and CEO of “The Passion MBA”, a global coaching company.

Mustafa is a former pharmacist, diplomat, investment banker who turned into a coach, author and entrpreneur. He knows first hand how to help you to find your dream career

His coaching methodology, “The Passion Blueprint”, has helped hundreds of professionals to find their dream careers and build their dream businesses.

Take your next step to live and work with passion.

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