My story of Faith and Transformation: A Pharmacist’s Odyssey: Navigating Doubt, Faith, and Diplomacy

In the last blog post, I shared with you the transformations that I have been through along the way from being a pharmacist to becoming a diplomat, so you can understand what types of transformations you may go through in your career change journey.
Today I will share another story on how faith helped me to get from where I was to where I dreamed of being.

But today, let’s rewind a bit and focus on where it all began – when I transitioned from a pharmacist to an international diplomat. This blog post is all about that exciting first change, the challenges I faced, and the awesome things that came out of it. Ready to dive into my career adventure? Let’s go!

Each day brought a fresh wave of skepticism, challenging the feasibility of the seemingly impossible. “Do you think you can make it when others with more experience cannot?” The doubts persisted, creating a mental battleground. In response, a mantra emerged: “Focus on your part, and the rest is for Him.” It became a resolute choice to navigate the tumultuous journey with faith as my compass, a beacon guiding me through uncharted waters.

Faith, I discovered, is not a passive force but a dynamic one, subject to trials. The apex of my diplomatic
pursuit—the day of the crucial exam—became the crucible where faith faced its ultimate test. Chaos
reigned in my mind, and the future rested on a trembling pen. Physically, my lips started to tremble and
my hands began to shake. My one hand clenched my pen with death’s grip as if my entire future
depended on it. In fact, it did. Soon, other people started noticing that I was in bad shape.

They even arranged a visit from a physician, but he couldn’t help me. I was given some water, but I couldn’t hold the glass because my hands were shaking so hard, so they put some drops in my mouth. Others brought me some candy for energy. Nothing seemed to help. I was at the end of my rope and prayed:

“This is my last chance, God. I did my best to prepare for this day. Please, God, if this is not my destiny for a reason and wisdom that You know, I accept it. But I won’t let go of this pen. I will hold onto it with whatever power I still have in my body!” It was a moment of reckoning, a juncture where faith and determination fused into a desperate plea for divine intervention.

Amidst the chaos, the power of faith manifested itself. Clutching the pen—a symbolic extension of my dreams and aspirations—I embarked on an arduous journey of writing essays. The pen became a conduit for a silent prayer: “Help!” In that moment of surrender, I unearthed a wellspring of strength to persevere against the odds.

The aftermath of that challenging day yielded profound life lessons—a testament to the symbiosis of effort and faith. “If you want something very much, do your best, and the rest is for God to take care of,” resonated in my mind. The journey continued, marked by another series of exams, until I stood among the chosen few—a diplomatic attaché out of thousands.

My journey from pharmacist to diplomat encapsulates more than a career transition; it embodies the
resilience forged in the crucible of doubt and the triumph of faith. To those charting their own dreams, I
extend this advice: “Listen to your heart, hold on to your dreams, and don’t give up. Your ‘pen’—whatever
it may symbolize—clutch it with faith, for in that grip lies the resilience to weather any storm. Ever.” This
odyssey teaches us that faith, when tested, transforms challenges into triumphs, making the impossible within reach.

In the pages of my recent book “Time to Move On,” I unfold more information on my personal story of faith, drawing from my own pivotal exam experience and the unwavering faith that guided me through doubt. If you’ve ever questioned your path or felt the weight of doubt, this story is for you. Join me in exploring the intricate interplay between faith and career transformation. The full narrative awaits in “Time to Move On,” beckoning you to discover the profound lessons within its pages.

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