Reinvent Yourself and Become an Inspired Professional/Find Your Dream Career.

The Step-by-Step Passion Blueprint to Finding Your Ideal Career or Business
Discover Your Dream Career
Step-by-Step Guidance
Gain a Clear Plan of Action
Mustafa’s workshop will help you:
  • Build more confidence in yourself and in your career decisions
  • Have an action plan for your next steps 
  • Gain a clearer vision about yourself and what matters to you
  • Prepare yourself for the future of work and learn how to handle and cope with technological advancement & AI

Mustafa Ammar

Career Shapeshifter Enabler

Mustafa Ammar is the founder and CEO of “The Passion MBA”, a global coaching company.

Mustafa is a former pharmacist, diplomat, investment banker who turned into a coach, author and entrpreneur. He knows first hand how to help you to find your dream career

His coaching methodology, “The Passion Blueprint”, has helped hundreds of professionals to find their dream careers and build their dream businesses.

Take your next step to live and work with passion.

Mustafa runs workshops in different formats
  • Half Day Workshops
  • One Day Workshops
  • 3 Days Workshops

Mustafa is a certified career coach who coaches the following:

  • Team building and high-performing teams
  • Using The Success Principles to excel more in your career
  • Reskilling & Upskilling Your Career

Mustafa’s coaching style is engaging, interactive, eye-opening, and always connected to taking actions


Workshops designed to help you to rebuild your life and career on the right foundations, and finally define the perfect-fit career for you.

Using the Success Principles

Mustafa is a certified trainer of Jack Canfield Success Principles. He uses the power of goal setting, visulization, affirmation to help you to find your dream career.

Reskilling and Upskilling

Mustafa teaches you how to define the right skills that you need to reinvent yourself and your career.



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Use the power of the Success Principles to uncover your career success

Virtual Training

Uncover your passions to find your dream career with weekly group sessions


Book Mustafa for a 5 Days Retreat in beautiful Italy to find your dream career or Tailored Team Building Retreat

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